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Feature of our KINGER earth auger


KINGER earth auger has 25 models ranges from YDH mini to YDH150000, which is suitable for 0.8-50ton excavator,skid steer and backhoe loader etc.


One-year warranty for motor and 18-month warranty for gearbox.

We provide technical support and online service.


KINGER well-performance means we pay more attention to develop the most reliable attachments for customers.


Gear processing adopts special heat treatment processing technology,which is developed by Doctor of Tsinghua University.


Unique to KINGER earth auger, the Non-Dislodgement Shaft is a single-piece drive shaft assembled from the top down and locked in the earth drill layer.

This design guarantees that the shaft will never fall out.It can make a safer work environment for both the operator and also any surrounding workers, which is a necessary feature.

Product Description

The whole set includes 6 parts as below shows:


We have single pin hitch, double pin hitch and cradle hitch for connecting KINGER auger drive with excavator/backhoe loader/skid steer etc.

We also manufacture auger drill and extension bar ourselves.There are 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and 16mm different thickness of auger flight to meet customer different working requirements.The standard length is 1.5m.But we also have 1m,1.2m,1.85m,2m and 2.5m length.The range of diameter is from 100mmto 2000mm.We can manufactured as your need.

As to extension bar,there are 1m, 1.5m, 2.5m, 3m different length customized available.

The diameter of extension bar is 89mm, 108mm, 127mm and 146mm.

When it comes to teeth option,we have cutting teeth, round teeth and flat teeth for different soil condition.Cutting teeth is used to rock,pitch or a lot of gravel land. Round teeth is used to clay, sandy land, frozen soil or a little gravel.Flat teeth is used to normal soil.



KINGER earth auger widely apply to electric power, forestry, telecommunication municipal works, high-speed railway, Landscaping, Tree planting, Well boring, Foundation piles, Screw pile installations, Ground source heat pumps, Pole and Mast Installations, Solar energy piling, Bridge pier drilling etc.

KINGER earth auger is A\applicable to a variety of soil, such as frozen soil, pure soil, soft soil, clay, sand, wind fossils, as well as gravel, pebbles and so on.


Processing Step

Processing Step

Packaging & Shippment

We used the baking varnish and paint surface smooth without peeling. The exposed parts are treated with rust prevention. Export products are packed in plywooden cases to ensure no bump, rust and other phenomena during transportation.

Implement the global concept of environmental protection, reduce the use of plastic and other packaging materials that seriously damage the environment.

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Above specification is just for your reference.We can match suitable model according to your excavator weight.

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